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25th Street

There is a welcoming, urban plaza setting at the entrance to the building lobby. The preferred paving for the entry is a continuation of the stone used in the lobby floor, extending out to the curb, in a thermal non-skid finish. Located at the center of a circular motor-court entry / drive is a circular plant bed contained by a raised stone curb, featuring a seasonal display of annuals planted within a bed of evergreen groundcovers.

The pedestrian sidewalk for the length of the 25th street is poured-in-place concrete with a light broom finish, as per City of Philadelphia standards for sidewalks. The service drive leading to the loading dock and below grade parking garage will be poured-inplace concrete to match the concrete sidewalk.

The street trees along 25th Street – Swamp White Oaks (Quercus bicolor) – are planted in rectangular plots, fenced-in by low, metal enclosures painted black, and planted with evergreen ground covers and seasonal annual plantings. In-between the trees pits, is a continuous structural soil tree-root trench with permeable paving.

Planted within the raised planter bordering the private amenity garden will be a foundation planting of mixed evergreen and deciduous flowering shrubs that is intended to look great and interesting all year – with flowers, foliage, fruit, and bark. Inter-mixed within these plantings at the top of the planter, are ornamental vines that will cascade down the low wall. Along the top of the planter wall will be an open fence system that complements / matches the metal materials used elsewhere around the building.

Locust & 25th Street (North end)

At the north end of the development a drift of River Birch (Betula nigra) trees, planted within a foundation planting strip, signaling the gateway and providing shade at the entry of Schuylkill Banks river walk.

South Area and South West Corner of the Site

The southern area of the site is enclosed by a six (6) foot tall metal estate fence painted black. Adjacent to the ground floor lobby lounge is an outdoor terrace of cast-in-place concrete with a light broom, non-skid finish. Located within the south terrace are raised plant beds, similar to those found in the adjacent community garden.

Other raised planters located long the property line and base of the tower are to be planted with a mass of ornamental shrubs, both deciduous and evergreen. These plantings will provide year around interest with flowers, foliage, fruit and bark. Columnar English Oak trees (Quercus robur ‘fastigiata’, are located in those areas with deeper soils, to mitigate between the building and the park and are planted within a mixed shrub border with seasonal interest.

West Side of the Site

The building and access drive to the below grade parking are located tight to the west property line, with a short row of multi stem
trees, River Birch (Betula nigra), located to screen the loading dock from the view of the river walk, and to screen the existing railway
utility sheds from the motor court entry.

Amenity Garden / Terrace

  • The design of the terrace level, private amenity garden is not fully completed as of this date. However the materials considered include the following:
  • Paving: Pre-cast concrete pavers and hardwood plank decking.
  • Perimeter walls / seat walls: precast tinted concrete or cast stone,
  • Perimeter Estate Fencing: An open fence system that complements / matches the metal materials used elsewhere around the building.
  • Arbors: Combination of painted steel and wood.
  • Plantings: Combination of deciduous shade and flowering trees; mixed evergreen and deciduous flowering shrubs; evergreen ground covers, perennials, and a turf grass lawn panel.

Irrigation System

Plantings are intended to be irrigated with an efficient individually zoned and controlled state of the art system.